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Senior Web Data Analyst

Job Description

The Senior Data Analyst is primarily responsible for using data extraction tools such as IBM iSeries, SAS, MS Access, and Excel to design and implement various collections and/or valuation processes (examples include pre-purchase valuation, marketing campaigns, portfolio loads, legal placements, CAO placements, etc). The Senior Data Analyst also develops and runs reports, analyses, and tools to ensure accuracy and identify issues, trends and opportunities, and maintains departmental databases. The Senior Data Analyst works with IT to help define user requirements, test and implement new systems and processes to support business needs. The role works closely with members of the team and other departments to communicate ongoing results and strategy changes.


Develop and implement technical solutions to execute business strategy / processes. 50%

Develop and maintain the monitoring of reports and analytical tools to ensure accuracy, identify trends / issues / opportunities. 20%

Make recommendations to improve business processes. 10%

Perform ad hoc data extraction, analyses and segmentations as required. 10%

Work with IT to help define user requirements, test and implement new systems to support the business. 10%



Required: Bachelor; Quantitative field


Required: English

Work Experience:

Required: 2 - 4 yrs experience in an analytical / quantitative role, or equivalent education and experience. Experience in designing and running queries. Proficiency with MS Office (Excel, Access).

Position Title

Senior Web Data Analyst


CA - San Diego


Operations Decision Science

Position Status

Full time