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Temporary Worker

Job Description

A Human Resources Temporary Worker is engaged through a staffing agency for a particular project or for a specific period of time, generally not to extend beyond six months. A temporary worker is considered an employee of the staffing agency and paid by such agency. All temporary workers must pass a pre-employment screen, administered by the staffing agency, as well as sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with respect to their services at the Company. The temporary worker must work on site under a manager’s supervision. All work equipment and supplies are provided by Encore. All direction and oversight must come from the staffing agency, who is the employer of the temporary worker. Any changes to shift circumstances or schedule must also come from the staffing agency.
The Human Resources Temporary Worker will be assisting in completing Human Resource Projects. They will work closely will other members of the team, and work on other tasks as assigned.

Position Title

Temporary Worker


MN - St. Cloud


Human Resources

Position Status

Full time